Hi there, my name is Jon Crim, and I run Digiblend. Thanks for visiting!

Digiblend is an outlet for me to talk about building online businesses and making money online. I’m endlessly fascinated with these topics, and for 15+ years, I’ve developed a skill set around it.

Previously, I was the VP of Marketing & Growth at a startup called TakeLessons, which Microsoft acquired in 2021.

These days, I run TennisCompanion, a website I built in my spare time, grew to support myself financially, and now run as my main gig.

Digiblend is my next chapter, where I’ll share my step-by-step process for starting, building, managing, and growing a profitable online business through diligent and consistent effort.

To be clear, I won’t provide you with any secret formulas, show you how to make money overnight, or help you build a magic passive income stream so you can kick back on the beach all day. However, I will teach you how to build a website that delivers genuine value and, in return, makes you money, as I’ve done for others and myself.

Along the way, I will keep things straightforward and actionable, eliminate paralyzing decision points that prevent others from getting started or moving forward, share valuable insights that I’ve learned through first-hand experience, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

If that sounds good to you and you’re ready to start building your online business, I hope you’ll join me.

Jon Crim

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