About Digiblend

Crim_443-2Hi, my name is Jon Crim and I’m the writer here at Digiblend. I first started this blog in July of 2011 as an experiment to see if I could publish a site of my own. Thankfully as you can see it was a success!

With a career focus in product marketing and development I’ve spent years optimizing and building websites for companies, however until launching this blog I never really had the opportunity to tackle a web project of my own.

At first, I spent months simply tinkering with (and sometimes breaking) this site, however what started as an experiment quickly turned into a hobby, which I’ve grown to love. For me there’s always been something fascinating about building websites, and while I’ve never considered myself a writer I was always excited about giving it a shot.

In short, this blog is an opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences in the hopes that a few people might find what I write interesting or valuable. I also find myself using Digiblend as a platform where I can reflect on things I learn, which helps me more deeply internalize those learnings.

When I’m not writing I enjoy spending time with my wife, Jen, and my dog, Rasta. I’m also an avid surfer, wanna-be photographer and proficient drinker of coffee and craft beer. So, thanks for stopping by, and while you’re here please take a moment to say hello.

A Little Background

  • Born: LaJolla, CA
  • Hometown: Madison, CT
  • School: B.S. in Financial Management, from Salve Regina University in Newport, RI
  • My work: Website Product Marketing Manager at TakeLessons